canadian visual arts                                          gilbert rehayem
A series of drawings of famous places.
Charcoal on paper
Church               Coliseum         Crooked House  Eiffel Tower    London scenes
in Quebec             Rome                  Dansk
Manoir St Castin  Paris                 Paris - Seine   Village Harbour
Quebec               Bouquinistes                             on a Greek Island
                                                      -  .
Street in Gdansk
Oil on canvas
This painting is from a photo taken in Gdansk - Poland . Modern elements such as cars, were removed and replaced by carts, people, fountain, bench, etc., circa XIXth. century. Excellent representations were found in the Paris boulevards paintings of Pissarro. This painting was particularily difficult as it was a first attempt at a 3P three-point perspective, bird's view. The models needed to be modified, carts, people, foutain, bench, to fit the overall look and perspective.
Open World
An invitation to visit all the wonderful places in the world
Oil on canvas
Rotary park                 Ajax Main Library             Black Cove Farm
                                                                                      Cold Mountain
Pen and Ink on Paper
Tuscan Scene
Oil on Canvas