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Lascaux paintings
These were inspired by cave paintings, 17,000 years old, found in Lascaux, France. It is amazing what the artist has conveyed: perspective, action and vivid colours. For more information about the Lascaux paintings, please refer to:
Each is followed by details.
Bull and Horses.
Oil on canvas 16''x20''.

The Great Hunter.
Charcoal on paper 8''x10''
Acrylic on canvas 12''x24'''.

Hunting Scene 17,000 BCE
Acrylic on canvas

Series of Horses
Oil on Canvas 16''x20''
Horse Feeding

Head of Horse
Oil on Canvas 16''x20''

Sad Sad Fish.
Pastel on paper 11''x14''
Horses, Hunting
Chinese paintings
Horse Galopping
Oil on Canvas 16''x20''

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